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July 11, 2011

I just updated my “about” page on this blog, which mostly meant that I took out the cutesy verbosity.

It’s a challenge though to reduce yourself to a description. We build resumes, facebook profiles, and elevator speeches. They are all tailored to their specific audiences to some degree. But things always get left out.

I suppose it’s ok though. They are only used as introductions. You only really know people you’ve had extended relationships with. Even if you read someone’s biography, it’s only one book. One take. One view.

A great quote from a tour guide at Gettysburg : “You read one book and you’re an expert. You read many books, and you’re a historian.”


Consume Media

February 16, 2011

Om nom nom. Forks and knives. Keyboards and monitors. 01110101001011


Organized bits, transformed to photons, picked up by your peepers, that trigger certain brain responses. IN YOUR HEAD. rightnow

Do you feel pleased?


Then move on! Ingest the next bit!

Why are you still here? Why are you still reading? OneMoreMicrophone is just a bunch of rambles!

OR… why don’t you stop reading? Not to navigate elsewhere.

But to think.


THINK. The mantra of anti-establishmentarians. “If everyone just OPENED THEIR EYES, they would SEE all that’s FUCKED UP in the world!”


Hm. Thinking is great and all. But what about expertise? What about consulting all kinds of sources? What about following an established rigor of critical evaluation, like the scientific method or peer reviews? What about exploring other perspectives? 10,000 hours broseph – get to it. The libraries are packed.


NOPE. munchmunchmunchCOOKIECOOKIE




We eat all the info. Cuz it’s taaasstyyy. Tasty like candy to a kid, or tasty like an exquisite salad to the gastronomist who has learned to love the more difficult foods? Youpick.


Thanks for reading, Messrs An & Ymous


April 4, 2010

New rule:

blog + post = blost

blost: verb, to post to one’s blog

pronounced like “toast”, not like “lost

What’s Going On Here?

November 5, 2009

Why is this journal viewable to the world?
Probably because its improbable that many will look at it. Thus the standards (of frequency, writing quality, actual content, color coordination) are low.

Why the posts?
Writing things down is a way of “getting them off the table.” Thoughts run around in the brain. When they’re written down the thought stops running around and finds a file in some file drawer to sit in. It has been thought. And it can be thought again. But it won’t be continuously thought about, like an earworm.

But wait! These thoughts aren’t new! Other people have thought them before. This isn’t original. Garbage! Cliché! Recycled words! Just a rehashing of opinion spouted elsewhere!
This may be true. But everyone takes a first breath at some point. It’s luck, really, that we even get to take the breath, and go through the discovery of thoughts. With exercise, by discovering old, tried and true thoughts, perhaps a completely new and original one might pop up once in a while.

The value of the all this to the thinker, the writer, is great. If it allows the reader to see tho’ts she ha’n’t tho’t b’fore, then that’s a benefit all around. To those with more experience, more thoughts thought, those to whom these words and ideas are identical to ones you’ve seen before, words like scalacripousity and ideas like “The red range rover rumbled roughly to the right, reeling ’round the ridge, recently, but then it penned a schematic of a summing op-amp circuit, while lecturing about the different types of personality traits that predispose a person to buy bottled water, which is essentially the same as tap water, just in a resource-wasting bottle that costs several orders of magnitude to the person to purchase than consuming tap water in a reusable container would, except that it doesn’t really matter because in the end, everyone is just going to build houses with thatched roofs,” well…

. . .

Take that! All of you budding Hobbeses and Lockes and Rands and Jesuses and “David Brookses”, that’s actually garbage. Uhn!


May 11, 2009

Intention: to convey information

Medium for carrying out intention: essay, outline, picture, flowchart, book, encyclopedia, etc

Chosen medium by most of academia: essay, book

Amount of excess unnecessary rambling by academia: lots

When long articles can be abbreviated to simple outlines, publish the outline. It saves time. Perhaps taking the time to read all the blather gives you time to internalize the concept, but there’s a limit.

Heed the advice of Strunk and White: “Omit needless words” and “avoid a succession of loose sentences”

See, it works!


November 20, 2008

to be continued…