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The “General Petraeus” Game

May 17, 2011

I made a silent film with some friends of mine. The plot is basically: man appears sad, flashback to good times with a woman, the times go sour and they part, back to the man in the present – he decides to move on, but she reappears. It was filmed somewhat ambiguously at the end – it’s unclear if she’s dead or what exactly.

Either way, the script for this silent film had, for no particular reason, assigned these characters names, “Jarvis” and “Christina.”

In creating the credits, which is the one place where the audience would learn the characters’ names, someone joked that we should name the male character “General Petraeus” as if to fake out the audience and make them re-think the entire story.

Therefore, I propose a game. Rename characters in movies “General Petraeus” (or another political/famous name) and reinterpret the story as a metaphor for something they did in real life. The less clear the metaphor, the better.

Some initial General Petraeuses, which may be hilarious or completely stupid. Interpret at will:

Doc Brown -> Louis XIV

Maximus -> Gary Coleman

Uma Thurman’s character in Kill Bill -> Margaret Thatcher

Sally (from When Harry Met Sally) -> Frieda Kahlo


I Just Realized…

March 23, 2011

I read Harry Potter 1 when I was ten. He was eleven. He became thirteen before I turned eleven. I’ve been catching up with him since:

There were a few months before Book 6 came out when I was 16 while he was 15. Then I had about a year and a half where I was 17 (then 18) while he was still 16.

But in book 7, Rowling ends by making him THIRTY-SIX.

All told, I’ve had about two years of being older than him. He will have had twenty-four years of being older than me by the time I’m 36. It will take me until I’m fifty eight to have been older than him longer than he will have been older than me (the first ten years of my life notwithstanding, and not regarding his actual canonical birthday in 1980).


A Love Memo

February 14, 2011

Because there are enough love songs. Because there are enough saucy novels. Because there are enough romantic comedies. Because there is enough online dating advice. Because there are enough tear-filled phone calls with your best friend.

And because the policy world has not added its own, depressing rhetoric to the mix enough yet:

After several drafts pinged around to numerous blackberries, an embargoed release date ignored by an asshole who leaked it, a neglect of any real data, a lack of funding for related programs, some severe watering-down of the language for fear of extra political backlash, and a talk show rant anyways, I give you:

a 1-Pager on Whether or Not to Ask Him/Her Out

Policy Memo on Establishing Romantic Relationships (pdf)


Happy Valentines Day!