I Make Faces in the Mirror

brushing teeth takes time
must… find… some kind of amusement

no, not furrowed brow
remove that smile in the cheek
legitimately try to feel angry
let emotion mold the expression

brush brush brush

ok but I don’t want to feel angry
how about shock
eyes wide open
too simple

brush brush

make a presidential address
we will END tarter control!
no… remove the posh haughtiness
have an easygoing conviction behind the eyes


hello sister
we raise eyebrows at each other
she begins to brush too

brush brush

ok, how about the weirdest face imaginable
squinting, toothpastey canines bared
nostrils flared
chin muscles pulled taught


we poke each other
elbowing for sink room
expressing a playful annoyance
my subconscious regains facial control



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One Comment on “I Make Faces in the Mirror”

  1. smosthedog Says:

    Bwahahahaha “we will END tartar control!”

    I can’t tell if this is funny because it’s funny, or if it’s because I’m imagining you making these faces.

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