Money Won’t Buy You a Candy Bar

Today the bus driver was annoyed when I handed him 17 quarters. But he couldn’t say no.

Bill Gates. All that wealth, in stocks and bank accounts and houses and planes. All useless in the face of a vending machine, when he forgot to get some small bills or change.

As anyone who didn’t have the right bills at a coke machine can tell you, all forms of money do not have the same utility. Credit cards don’t work on buses, cash doesn’t work on the internet. $5 bills don’t even work the same as $1 bills. Luckily, the exchange rates between formats are cheap – just costs a little time.

Are you a person that is willing to pay and be paid in change, or are you like a reverse vending machine, only accepting $10s or higher?

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One Comment on “Money Won’t Buy You a Candy Bar”

  1. vending machines are great pieces of technology that we enjoy today, they are made for the purpose of giving us convenience ‘

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