Grangerfords vs Shepherdsons

Half of the country doesn’t really understand the other half. Democrats don’t really understand Republicans. And vice versa.

To be fair, things split out into a lot more groups than dems and repubs. Even within the two main parties, there are smaller sections.

And they all talk past each other.

Sure, they do have specific interests. Those interests can come in conflict. But that doesn’t mean they ever try to understand those differing interests, or understand exactly where the other side(s) is/are coming from.

Interestingly, each group gets very emotional about its positions. There is a genuine mistrust, or unease, or something, that people of one group feel when they talk to people of the other group (about politics and government, at least). It’s a weird kind of communication barrier, erected by some strange political emotion, that blocks true understanding.

And then people get lazy about their political discourse, and clog it up with a bunch of crap and gossip (“so and so made a comment about so and so!”,”oh my god did you see so and so on such and such tv show, such and such KILLED so and so!”), turning elections into family feuds. Capulets vs Montagues.

People who study elections and political systems claim that a winner-take-all majority-vote system creates a two-party dominated environment. They’re not wrong.

But it doesn’t mean we can’t get to know the other side(s). Cue the proverb re: walking around in someone else’s skin.

No more of this party vs party bullshit. Lets talk about the issues and the policies, not your reelection strategy.

Also, apologies for posts full of vague generalities.

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